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    Art As Business - FREE Lesson Preview - Writing an Artist Statement

    • Welcome to "Art As Business"

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    • A message from the Elida

    • Creating a Series of Work: The most important step for selling your artwork

    • Writing An Artist Statement: The most important piece of writing to go along with your artwork.

    • Writing an Artist Bio: After somebody reads your artist statement, they may want to know a little more about you.

    • Pricing Your Artwork: How to price artwork is the number one question I get from emerging artists. “If you price too high, they won’t buy… price too low, they will go!”

    • Making a Business Card & Promote: Creating a business card is key.

    • Creating an Art Portfolio: Learn how to create an art portfolio and why you should make one.

    • Choose the Right Gallery: Choosing the right gallery is an important decision.

    • Create Art Tags: Having a tag is important to hang with your artwork.

    • Letter of Authenticity: A letter of authenticity isn’t just a nice gesture, but an important part of the selling process.

    • Talking About Your Artwork: Talking about your artwork can be stressful.

    • Making Prints & Products: Making prints and products can be a great passive income.

    • Other Options: Gone are the days that the only way you can sell artwork is through a gallery.

    • Bonus-Social Media: Social media has become an important platform for artists

    • Farewell and Next Steps!