Palette Painting "Dancing in Red"

Do you remember as a kid coloring outside the lines?  For some, it was stressful, others it was freeing or even being a bit rebellious. The cool thing about palette knife painting is that the messier it is, the better it looks! You can turn up the music, throw your hair back and have fun!  Loosen up and learn to paint with less control.  I promise that in the end, you’ll see how this all works and your painting will turn out amazing!  It may be different then what you expected, but that’s the beauty of it!

 In this acrylic and mixed media class you will learn how to make different colored skin tones and paint this beautiful dancing woman.  I will teach you about using palette knives and gel mediums to create the thick textures that make these pieces unique and full of energy.  I know it looks hard, but I promise that anything broken down to baby steps can be accomplished. You don’t need any previous experience, just a willingness to try and have fun. Grab your paints, palette knives, and maybe a glass of wine, turn up the music and let’s paint!  I believe in you…you’ve got this!  It’s ok to paint outside the lines!

You will get: 

- step by step instruction for 1 painting

-Techniques on how to use palette knives

-Bonus: Specialty class on mixing colors

-Bonus: Specialty class on mixing skin tones

-How to use gel mediums and layers in your paintings

-How to paint with more freedom and less control

-Learn how to fix palette painting mistakes

-Techniques on painting rain, puddles and splashes

-How to paint movement in your paintings and create an energetic piece full of life

-Access to our Elida Art Studio Facebook Group & artist community

-Feedback on your artwork and tips along the way to keep you motivated

The Investment: 

1 painting class plus 2 bonus classes 

Early Bird SPECIAL: $29.99

Regular pricing: $49.99

Materials List for "Dancing in Red"

Palette Knives Starter Set of 3

Palette Knife Style 103

Conte Crayons:

Brushes Beginner Set of 5:

Canvases 11”x14” pack of 7:


Acrylic Paints: Utrecht Studio Acrylic Paints

These are a great paint with the best value for your dollar. I also love the Utrecht Artists Colors, but they are more expensive. I use these everyday and then supplement with Golden paint for that extra pop of color.

-Crimson (in other brands Alizarin Crimson) -Medium Red (in other brands its Cadmium Red medium hue)
-Medium Yellow (in other brands its Cadmium Yellow medium hue)

-Pthalo Blue
-Ultramarine Blue
-Bright White (in other brands Titanium White)
Bonus Colors :
-Burnt Sienna: -Deep Black:

Palette Paper Pad

Gloss Gel Medium


Kamar Varnish: Non yellowing varnish:

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to "Dancing in Red"

    • Welcome to Dancing in Red!

  • 2

    Step 1: Learn Color Mixing

    • Introduction to Color Mixing

    • Elida's Fab Five

    • Mixing Mixed Colors

  • 3

    Step 2: Learn to Mix Skin Tones

    • Skin Tones Introduction

    • Skin Tones - Light 1

    • Skin Tones - Light 2

    • Skin Tones Medium

    • Skin Tones - Dark

    • Skin Tones - Final

  • 4

    Next Up: Dancing In Red

    • Lesson 1: Painting the Background

    • Lesson 2: Draw it Out

    • Lesson 3: Skin Tones & Base Colors

    • Lesson 4: Palette Painting the Dress & Background

    • Farewell